Nuremberg landmark bids for UNESCO Heritage Status

A selection of Jewish sites in Germany could for the first time have a chance to obtain UNESCO World Heritage Status, each fighting for a place on a shortlist that the country will propose to the governing body. Among those hoping for the protection of UNESCO is the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, a location that plays a huge role in the history of the fall of the Nazis. It was here that the famous Nuremberg trials took place between 1945 and 1946, when figureheads of the party such as Martin Bormann, Rudolf Hess and Hermann Göring were to realise the consequences of their actions. The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) currently has around 962 World Heritage sites, helping to preserve them to be a constant reminder of history for years to come. It would be a fantastic addition to the city’s cultural status should it be successful, further promoting its appeal as a fine location to visit on your European river cruises. Image credit: Nigel’s Europe