Patea Maori Club to be Face of New Zealand Tourism Campaign

In 1984, the Patea Maori Club released a song titled ‘Poi E’. Although they couldn’t get on a big record label and were unable to get air time on radio or television, the song shot to number one after a news report about it aired. It was the best selling record of 1984 and stayed at number one for four weeks, an astonishing success for a release on a self-made label. The song has remained well-known in New Zealand ever since, though it was particularly prominent in the Maori community where it was attributed with starting a new hip hop generation. Now, it’s hoped the song can be exported to draw in holidaymakers to the country, as the band are set to appear at some tourism expos with other New Zealand businesses. If you want to explore New Zealand’s Maori culture for yourself, our New Zealand tours allow you to do exactly that. As well as seeing the beautiful landscapes and attractions of the country, we also have chances for you to engage in traditional ceremonies with the indigenous Maori. Image Credit: US Embassy New Zealand (