Reporter sees Benefits of River Cruises

An American newspaper has given the thumbs up to river cruising after a reporter from The San Francisco Chronicle praised river cruises in Europe as a great cruising option. The journalist travelled along the river Danube, the second longest river in Europe and one of its mightiest. In particular, he focused on the advantages of river cruising over ocean cruising, raving about the stunning landscapes he could see that were metres from the railing, rather than miles. Travelling along a river meant that he could enjoy the hilltop castles and terraced vineyards constantly, rather than at brief stops along an ocean route. Above all he enjoyed the places they stopped at along the Danube. Docking was simple and quick with a few steps off the gangplank leading him right into the cobbled streets of an old town or vibrant city. Ugly industrial ports and hour long bus journeys characterised the ocean cruise holidays which he had previously enjoyed, and the reporter was ecstatic to see that this was not the case for the visits on his Danube river cruise. Image credit: Ralph Grizzle (