Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords promotes New Zealand

Rhys Darby has lent his voice to an advert produced by Air New Zealand promoting holidays to the country. In the UK, he’s best known for his role in Flight of the Conchords as the incompetent band manager and tourism marketer Murray Hewitt. However, when he takes up this genuine role in selling the country, he does rather well. The video concentrates on New Zealand’s snowy areas, the beautiful scenery and the activities available on the mountains, which is just one part of what this incredible country offers. It features what the video calls a ‘Kiwi sceptic’ coming to realise that New Zealand has some absolutely amazing places and things to do. Our New Zealand tours take you through plenty of different parts of the country, showing you highlights from both the north and south islands. Whether you’re interested in amazing views, cultural experiences, relaxation or luxurious comfort, our tours will provide you with exactly what you want. Image Credit: MAZZALIARMADI.IT (flickr.com)