San Francisco Journalist Converted to Danube River Cruises

A journalist writing for the San Francisco Chronicle has been converted to European river cruises after experiencing a trip down the Danube. Pointing out that deep water cruises are what normally jump to people’s mind when cruising is brought up, John Flinn believes that’s unfair, given that river cruises allow you to be much closer to the scenery, dock at the destinations you want to visit, rather than in a large industrial port where you have to catch a bus into town, and are safe for sufferers of sea sickness. He was particularly complimentary of the castles, old towns and beautiful natural scenery that the boat sailed past, enjoying it a lot more than having to squint at the coast from miles away. He also enjoyed the amount of history and culture there was in the area, as the Rhine and Danube have been used as major water ways for millennia. If you’re a river cruise convert and want to enjoy a luxury trip yourself, get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you. Image Credit: Antissimo (