Seals Spotted Sunbathing in New Zealand

New Zealand is full of wonderful animals and wildlife, and visitors to Northland on the North Island might have the opportunity to see some of them up close and personal as many seals have been spotted recently, sunbathing on piers, harbours and beaches. The most recent sighting was today, when a seal which had spent several days in Whangerei Town Basin decided it felt comfortable enough to jump up onto a moored paddle boat and bask in the sun for a while. Seals are just one of the creatures you can spot on a holiday to the country, but the marine mammals are certainly a favourite with locals and holidaymakers alike. They’re more common at this time of year, but the Department of Conservation has urged people to leave them alone unless they are distressed or injured in some way, as they are wild animals. If you’re interested in seeing New Zealand and everything it contains for yourself, take a look at our New Zealand tours and find out what you could get up to on one. Image Credit: Kiwi Mikex (