Searches for Flights to Australia Increase

Tourism Australia has seen a great response to its recent marketing campaign, advertising Australia as a unique location that is unrivalled by other destinations around the world. Emphasising the landscapes, wildlife and activities that are on offer in this fantastic country, the campaign revolves around the phrase “there’s nothing like Australia”. Although the focus of this part of the campaign was Asian countries, UK residents will remember the theme from adverts that have aired here over the last couple of years, featuring a song about the best bits of Australia. Since the adverts started being broadcast, internet searches for flights to Australia in the targeted countries have risen by as much as 281%. Australia is a huge country with so much to offer holidaymakers. Every corner has its own set of destinations and attractions to see. With our Australia tours, you can take in the best of the country whilst travelling through it in comfort and luxury. Image Credit: Glen_Wright (