Serbia top stop on Longest River Regatta

The Danube is one of Europe’s greatest waterways, and also one of the most beautiful thanks to its route through Germany’s Black Forest and other stunning landscapes. It is no surprise then that the world’s longest river regatta is currently being held on this river, and the latest stop on that journey is Belgrade, Serbia. This is one of the most fascinating stops along the regatta route and the rowers involved are taking a couple of days to explore the city. The capital of Serbia has a long and colourful history, dating as far back as the 4th century BC, and much of this is reflected in the various styles of architecture that characterise the city. Kalmegdan, the Fortress of Belgrade, will certainly be visited by the rowers as fantastic views of the Danube are available from its grassy parkland. Rowing along the Danube is not for everyone, so European river cruises are the perfect way to see the beautiful parts of the river, a luxurious way to enjoy a fascinating take on visiting Belgrade and other great cities. Image credit: Threat to Democracy (