Tourism New Zealand’s Middle-earth advert released

The advert was announced months ago, and people had expected one to be created almost since the making of The Hobbit was first announced. Now, however, it has finally been released, and it does a great job of showing off the landscapes that holidaymakers to New Zealand can expect to see. The voiceover draws plenty of comparisons with the Middle-earth setting, whilst viewers also get to see the activities they could get up to on New Zealand tours. However, the biggest tie-in is at the end of the advert, as a group of visitors look around the Hobbiton village set created in Matamata, only to see one of the hillside doors close just as they round a corner. The advert will be broadcast in Australia, the US, China, Germany and the UK, so keep an eye out for it on television or head online to view it now. Image Credit: miss_rogue (