Two International Business Schools Promote Australian Tourism

Two business schools, one in Australia, the other in the US, have met with members of the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) to unveil a new marketing campaign designed to promote Australia’s indigenous side to those coming to the country for their holidays. The traditional experiences that are available for visitors to the country are a key way of making people understand about the spiritual connection to the land and the cultural heritage of indigenous people. The two business schools have met with WAITOC leaders, learned about what is available and based their campaign around this. If you want to discover the culture and heritage of Australia’s indigenous people for yourself, our Australia tours give you the chance to attend dances, ceremonies and traditional meetings, giving you a glimpse into their lives. You’ll also see plenty of Australia’s other best bits, with famous landmarks and cities also making up stops on our luxury tours through this incredible country. Image Credit: babasteve (