UK still Second Largest part of New Zealand Tourism

It should come as little surprise that New Zealand and Australia, being relatively close to each other and sharing a language, see a lot of holiday makers travelling from one country to the other, which is what cements Australia as the biggest contributor to New Zealand tourism. However, although the UK also shares the language, it’s half way around the world from New Zealand, so why is it holding on to second place? The reason is really quite simple; New Zealand tours have a lot to offer UK visitors, and there are a lot of ways in which the UK and New Zealand are similar: both are island nations, both are known for being polite to a fault, and both are used to dealing with very changeable weather. Of course, what UK visitors can’t get at home which draws them to the country is the stunningly beautiful scenery that is, in huge swathes of the country, untouched by mankind, and that’s one of the big draws that keeps people coming back year after year. Image Credit: Takver (