Vienna Welcomes its Own Street Art Movement

Vienna is well known for its cultural achievements, and the beautiful buildings, galleries and museums that you can visit during a trip there are enough to make anybody appreciate the history of the city. Now, however, the destination, along with local artists, businesses and students, is trying to invigorate an art scene that has surprisingly little hold in Vienna. Street art has become popular and more acceptable over the last few decades, particularly with works by artists like Banksy gaining widespread acclaim, and there are artists all around the world engaged in professional street art projects. Vienna, however, has remained largely untouched. The INOPERAbLE gallery is attempting to change this, and have already worked with the city to create a twenty-three metre mural on the side of one building in the city. They want to focus on real street art, rather than tags and other small graffiti, which they label as “overkill” and seem to be gathering support, both from the public and politicians, to do so. Keep an eye out for their efforts next time you’re in Vienna during one of our river cruises in Europe. Image Credit: luca.sartoni (