Volcanic Eruption could Draw Holiday Makers

The volcano on New Zealand’s North Island that erupted this week might be bad news in the short term, but it’s likely that it will provide holidaymakers with another interesting spot to visit during their New Zealand tours. Although the disruption to flights has caused a few problems, visiting the areas that were covered with ash or the site of the eruption itself will definitely appeal to plenty of people. Volcanoes are impressive and dangerous natural features which fascinate people, and having the chance to get close to one that has erupted so recently will be irresistible to many. The volcano is within the borders of a national park, and no injuries or damage has been reported, but the plume of smoke, orange flashes and explosions wowed nearby residents. New Zealand is a land full of spectacular natural features, whether it’s this volcano, its mountain ranges, jungles, lakes or beaches. Image Credit: Grutness (Wikimedia Commons)