Alice Springs has record breaking dry spell

Alice Springs in Australia often receives long periods of fantastic weather with little rain, but this year seems to have been the driest ever; the record for the longest dry period in the area was broken this week. Situated in the geographic centre of Australia, Alice Springs is certainly blessed with some of Australia’s famed warm weather. 2012 has seen a particularly long dry spell, with 148 days of sunshine and no rain. According to David Matthews from the weather bureau, this dry weather may also continue for a little bit longer, at least for the next week. Either way, anyone considering a holiday to Australia will be glad to hear that Alice Springs is generally warm and dry, with only 43.6 average rainy days in a year. Many appealing things draw people into discovering Australia, including the famous rock Uluru, amazing surf and fascinating Aboriginal culture to discover, as well as the good weather. Australia tours offer visitors to the country the perfect opportunity to discover all this and more whilst staying in complete luxury. Image credit: Sarah Stewart (