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American traveller names Australia his ‘paradise’

Lee Abbamonte, a 34-year-old former Wall Street finance executive, will soon hopefully become the youngest American to visit every single country in the world. On his journey, he has already reportedly raced camels in Kenya and ducked gunfire in Libya, but it is Australia that has left the biggest impression on his seasoned-traveller heart. Describing some of the places he visited in Australia as “possibly the most perfect place in the world”, he found the naturally beautiful and vibrant places in the country to be the perfect remedy to a stressful life in the world of finance. He has, so far, visited 306 out of the 321 countries, territories and disputed regions of the world, but will no doubt head back to his paradise on Australia tours, the ideal way to see more of the country he wished he could have spent more time in. Image Credit: Jon Ovington (