Austria has another great tourist season

2012 has proved to be another successful year for Austrian tourism as another tourist season comes and goes with fantastic tourist numbers. Austria is widely known as a top European destination and the latest figures released suggest that holidaymakers are choosing to go with what they know. Good summer season figures have ensured that Austria has remained a favourite destination and has plenty to attract visitors. The European country has plenty to offer tourists, from the architecturally stunning city of Vienna and Austrian brewed beers to the classical music heritage and tasty Austrian delicacies that all add up to a great holiday. Reinhold Mitterlehner, tourism minister for Austria, has said that the figures are great news, and that the way forward is investment into making a better quality tourist experience, fantastic for anyone hoping to holiday in Austria soon. Why not discover what fantastic experiences Austria can offer you on luxurious European river cruises, the perfect opportunity to see plenty of Europe’s best bits whilst in unrivalled comfort? Image credit: Jeremy Keith (