Croatia sees record UK tourist numbers

British holidaymakers appear to be choosing to travel closer to home after the Croatian National Tourist Office announced that the number of British visitors to Croatia has increased by nearly a quarter so far in 2012. Between January and August this year, Croatia was the chosen holiday destination for 241,443 British travellers which is a 23% rise from the same time period for 2011. With the yearly total record being 500,000 British visitors back in 1990, Croatian Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic believes that this year could beat that record. The country also saw an increase in tourist numbers in general with 9.82 million visitors from January to August, a 4.22% increase. The Croatian National Tourist Office is hoping that this trend continues. Croatia is one of the fascinating and beautiful destinations available on river cruises in Europe thanks to the beauty and interesting sights that have drawn more British tourists to the area than ever before. Image credit: Donatus Darko Tepert (