Dusseldorf boasts strong tourism figures

The tourism scene in the city is continuing to see substantial growth, with figures relating to the first half of 2012 showing incredible positivity. The North Rhine-Westphalia capital saw a staggering 2,015,436 over night stays booked between January and June 2012, meaning that the city is well on its way to breaking its current record of occupancy figures, with the current record of 3.85m people staying in hotels being set last year. It’s a development that is certainly exciting the Dusseldorf Marketing and Tourism group, with them believing that the city could be well on its way for smashing four million hotel nights this year, putting itself amongst the tourism powerhouses of the country. If you are keen to discover Dusseldorf for yourself, why not explore the city through one of the fantastic Rhine river cruises available? Image credit: Metro Centric