Google captures the Great Barrier Reef on camera

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been the latest part of the world to undergo the Google treatment as it has been documented as part of Google’s World Wonders Project. Using a specially designed underwater camera that is operated by a tablet, 50,000 images of the Great Barrier Reef will be collected to allow people to navigate and explore the beautiful coral from the comfort of their computer desk chair. Once the images have been stitched together, viewers will be able to dip underwater and even go for a virtual dive controlled by the user. Complete with the exotic marine wildlife of the Great Barrier Reef, Google has really captured the spirit of the natural wonder. Google will be extending their project further to other beautiful areas of the world, but the Great Barrier Reef, as one of the world’s finest natural wonders, is already available to view online using Google’s World Wonders Project. Even though Google’s efforts bring the Great Barrier Reef to the masses, there is nothing quite like seeing it in person on Australia tours. Image credit: Paul Toogood (