Historic Art Show Resurrected in Cologne

When the show first opened in 1912, it challenged the public with new interpretations of what could be art, ruffling the feathers of the artistic community in the city and surrounding area and changing the face of Cologne’s art forever. In 1955, a new art fair, dOCUMENTA, began that celebrated the diverse attitudes to art that sprung up following this initial display. This year, dOCUMENTA has recreated that original exhibit, using the same pieces of art in the same layout, allowing people to step back to 1912 and see the displays that forever changed Cologne’s relationship with painting. Of course, modern day visitors may not be left with the same effect that struck the original visitors, as what was daring then is now closer to the norm, but this is still a wonderful slice of history to experience during a stop in the city on your European river cruises. Image Credit: HerryLawford (flickr.com)