Hopes for Auckland tunnels to be reopened

A man from Auckland in New Zealand is campaigning for a series of tunnels under a park in the city centre to be opened to the public. The tunnels were built in 1942 as an air-raid shelter from potential Japanese bombings, spanning enough distance to protect 22,000 people. They were dug out in just 8 months but were filled in with clay blocks to make sure that the tunnels would not collapse. Albert Park, a local Auckland resident, has dug out a small section himself and is hoping that the Council will take up his quest to open up more of the amazing tunnels to make a museum and secure walkway. He has received a massive amount of support and his dream may soon become a reality, particularly with the backing of an anonymous businessman who believes that the tunnels could also be developed into a glow worm cave and black water rafting site. If the council take up this idea, then people enjoying New Zealand tours could soon find that a trip to Auckland is even more exciting than ever. Image credit: Dominic Alves (flickr.com)