Journalist finds best chips in Brussels

A travel writer from The Telegraph has gone in search of the “perfect frite” in Brussels, the Belgian capital where the humble chip is elevated to something really special. The worldwide fame of Belgian frites is down to a few factors. Firstly, Bintje potatoes are the traditionally used variety, floury and flavoursome. They are also perfect for double frying in beef dripping, resulting in a chip that is golden and ‘bien croustillantes’, meaning ‘crispy’. Although this is the cooking method used by most, if not all, fritkots, there are still vendors that make better frites than others. According to organisers of Brusselicious 2012, the best fritkots are found outside the city centre; however, Antony Mason from The Telegraph has found 5 fritkots that offer the best frites most conveniently located for those enjoying Brussels as part of river cruises in Europe. 1. Frit Flagley in place Eugène Flagey, Ixelles. Rated 10/10 2. Fritkots in the place de la Chapelle, Marolles district. Rated 8/10 3. Friterie Tabora, near the Grand Place. Rated 7/10 4. Fritkot of the Barrière de Saint-Gilles, Saint-Gilles. Rated 7/10 5. Maison Antoine, in the middle of place Jourdan. Rated 6/10 Image credit: Jeremy Keith (