Journalist praises Scenic river cruise

A cruise expert from the Telegraph has composed an article of the 10 best river cruises that are available to book at the moment, and a Scenic Tours cruise has come in as a favourite with the expert. River cruises have become increasingly popular as a cruise option, idling along a beautiful river, surrounded by a range of fascinating stop-offs along the way. European river cruises in particular give cruise holiday fans the opportunity to explore the rich heritage of Europe, and it is the Rhine river cruise that has won Scenic Tours. The cruise from Amsterdam to Basel that is new for 2013 has been highlighted by expert Jane Archer for a fantastic cultural experience. She praised the range of destinations that appear on the cruise, including Cologne, Koblenz and the Black Forest. On top of this, the beauty of the Rhine Gorge, including the fabled Lorelei Rock that the Scenic Tours cruise passes alongside, makes it one of the most beautiful river cruises around. Image credit: Hector Garcia (