Medieval boat found at base of Danube

The ship is supposedly from the Middle Ages and is partially buried in mud and gravel 18 miles north of Budapest. The most exciting aspect of the ship is that it managed to remain complete after all these years and its cargo is also believed to still be well-preserved in the ship. The archaeologists have seen oak floor planks and floor timbers already, and have been able to identify that the side wall of the wreck was carved from a single log. The ship was believed to have crashed in one of the many accidents that occurred on the Danube in the Middle Ages, one of the busiest waterways of the time. With a discovery as well-preserved as this, it just goes to show that there is plenty of history and culture to encounter on river cruises in Europe, and perhaps the boat, once excavated, could soon be part of the river cruise experience. Image credit: Attribution: Master of the London Wavrin (