Whistler new home for British Columbia art gallery

Michael Audain, a philanthropist from British Columbia, has built up quite a collection of artwork, and has decided that he would like to create a small museum in which to display “the pick” of his hoard. Artists such as Emily Carr, EJ Hughes and Diego Rivera are included in his selection. Audain’s chosen site at Whistler complements his British Columbia themed art collection; his dream is for a small museum surrounded by pine trees, saying that he likes “the idea of art being related to the landscape”. If all goes to plan, the museum will be up and running in 2014, becoming just another one of the great experiences that people enjoy whilst seeing Whistler on Canada tours. Already available are dog-sledding trips, sight-seeing by helicopter and nature walks, and the special British Columbia art gallery will be yet another attraction that allows visitors to see the natural beauty of Whistler, be it in person or in art form. Image Credit: DarkLoki (commons.wikimedia.org)