Daily Mail journalist enjoys Scenic Russia cruise

The itinerary of the Jewels of Russia tour was what first sparked the interest of Derek Whitfield, with Moscow and St Petersburg appearing in pride of place with some fascinating stops to lesser known, but no less real, parts of Russia explored too. For a true cultural experience, there were opportunities to learn Russian, how to drink vodka and Russian cookery tips. All of the essential museums and cultural sites were visited, including the Kremlin Armoury museum, the former Soviet Foreign Ministry building and the Hermitage Museum. According to Derek Whitfield, it was the “vastness of Russia” that became most apparent whilst cruising down some of its most beautiful rivers. The journalist felt both during and after the tour that he would like to return to Russia again, with the tour providing a wonderful sample of the best that the country has to offer, enough to be fascinating but with the desire to return for more. Image Credit: Sally (flickr.com)