Russia’s postcards get a fresh, modern revamp

Writing home to friends or family whilst enjoying a holiday is something that we all like to do, and those soon to be enjoying Russian river cruises will be able to send home the best of Russia on a new series of postcards. Imagin’Elles is the name of the venture which has been developed by expats living in Russia, who have found the postcards currently available lack the colour and liveliness of the country that they know and love. Some of their postcard ideas include collages of the church cupolas of Moscow, a traditional babushka reading in a park and montages of Ladas, a Russian brand of car. The designers for Imagin’Elles refuse to use Photoshop to enhance the images, focusing instead on the natural side of Russia as it is today, not the grey Soviet land that it used to be. Image Credit: Mar10os (