Travel blogger praises Amsterdam's street food

David Farley for Gadling, one of the world's top travel blogs, has recently travelled to Amsterdam and after a great holiday he wrote a special blog post dedicated to the city's best street food.

David came across a number of delicacies that he thought were worth writing home about, one of the best being vending machine croquettes. Shops called FEBO de Lekkerste have walls lined with vending machines and the best product that came out from this was the hot veal ragout croquette with a peanut sauce.

Bitterballen was his second favourite Dutch treat, another form of croquette which is stuffed with beef ragout and a touch of spices such as nutmeg or curry.

Ideal as a small snack between the delicious meals enjoyed on European river cruises, Amsterdam's street food is worth a try.

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