Ideas emerge for Danube-Thessaloniki waterway

China Gezhouba Group Corp. and the government of Serbia are together conducting a feasibility study for a 655km Balkan waterway. The stretch would connect the Aegean Sea on the Mediterranean with the Danube, creating a route that could lead to the Greek port of Thessaloniki.

Although these plans are primarily for a commercial route, this could soon lead to the creation of a new route for river cruises in Europe. The continent is already home to a number of beautiful waterways which are ideal for a river cruise, including the Rhine, Danube and Rhône, and the planned Thessaloniki waterway could be an excellent addition to this list.

If it is deemed feasible, it will be a number of years before the route is up and running, but there is hope that this beautiful part of Europe could soon be even easier to access on a luxury cruise.

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