A guide to some of the best places to visit in Cologne

There will be plenty of places that are worthy of discovering in Cologne, and inevitably you won’t be able to see them all, but here are four of our top suggestions that you simply must visit to see the spirit of Cologne.

Cologne Cathedral
Ranked the top attraction in Cologne on TripAdvisor, Cologne Cathedral is visited by around 20,000 people each day, making it one of the most visited landmarks in all of Germany. It dominates the city’s skyline and there is no other building in Cologne that could make it such a beautiful and memorable skyline. Cathedral tours take place several times a day and there are plenty of opportunities to climb to the top of the tower via its 509 steps.

Ludwig Museum
This modern art museum is just a stone’s throw away from Cologne Cathedral and provides a wonderful contrast to the ancient history surrounding the cathedral. Works from Pop Art, Surrealism and Abstract art can all be found at Ludwig Museum, and many great artists have their work adorning its walls, including Picasso, Kazimir Malevich and Andy Warhol.

The Old Town
Although there are a number of specific sites within the Old Town that are interesting within themselves, there is nothing quite like walking along the cobbled streets of the Old Town to help visitors to the city soak up the atmosphere of historic Cologne. The water fountain, Romanesque church of Groß St. Martin and various pretty heritage buildings are all worthy of a photo.

A ‘Brauhaus’
A Brauhaus is the name for a traditional German pub where Cologne’s signature beer is brewed. Kölsch is a light ale which is brewed only in Cologne and is traditionally served in tall and cylindrical 0.2 litre glasses. It is worth noting that Köbes will continue to serve beer after beer if you don’t tell them that you have had your fill; such is the popularity of the drink that they will only assume that you will want more!

Image Credit: Superbass (commons.wikimedia.org)