Essential things to do during a New York visit

To help get you started, here are some of the top recommendations that sum up quintessential New York.

Buy something from Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue is one of the major thoroughfares of New York, but it is most famous for its world-class shopping. Luxury department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys can be found here, as well as a large amount of luxury brand stores, including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel. Although you needn't buy an expensive luxury item, buying one thing on Fifth Avenue is sure to make you feel like a star.

Cycle around Central Park
Central Park is world famous as the lush, green part of New York, and although the horse and cart rides are both popular and romantic, they are also unnecessarily expensive. A fun and invigorating way to see all of Central Park is to cycle around it, taking in famous sites such as Strawberry Fields and Shakespeare Garden.

Visit the Empire State Building
Once it has been completed and opened to the public in 2015, the new One World Trade Center will surpass the Empire State Building as offering the best views of the city. Until then, the Empire State Building is the place to be as one of New York's biggest cultural icons. It is well worth paying to visit the building's observation deck, ranging from $25 for one adult to visit the main deck only (86th floor) to $64.50 for one adult to visit the main deck and top deck (102nd floor) with queue jump.

Taste something from a New York street food vendor
Street food is everywhere in New York, and from various popular culture references, hot dogs and pretzels are popular with just about everyone. New York's street food scene is firmly rooted in these two tasty treats, but it has grown magnificently to be able to offer more hearty food that is quick and inexpensive. Some of the highlights which are popular today include stuffed corn patties, falafel with shawarma meat, gourmet ice cream and jerk chicken.

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