Helpful German phrases to use on a river cruise

Below are a few German phrases that could prove to be very useful when going off the beaten track, or could simply be used as an opportunity to practise speaking German. Try learning these before embarking on a river cruise and see if you can put them into practise whilst exploring such towns and cities as Cologne, Koblenz and Vienna.

Yes – Ja (yah)
No – Nein (nine)
Please – Bitte (bee-tuh)
Thank you – Danke (dan-kuh)
Excuse me – Entschuldigen Sie (ent-shool-dee-gun zee)
I'm sorry – Es tut mir leid (es toot meer lite)
Help! – Hilfe! (hil-fuh)
Good day – Guten tag (goo-tun tah-guh)
Goodbye – Auf Wiedersehen (owf vee-der-zane)

Do you speak English? – Sprechen Sie Englisch? (sprehken zee en-gleesh)
I cannot speak German well – Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen (eesh can nikht zo goot doi-chuh sprehken)
Where is the toilet, please? – Wo ist die toilette, bitte? (vo eest dee twah-let-uh bee-tuh)
Do you know where... is? – Wissen Sie, wo... ist? (vee-sun zee vo...eest)
Left/Right – Links/Rechts (links/rehkts)
Straight ahead – geradeaus (gi-rah-duh-ow-se)
How much is this? – Was kostet das? (vas cost-ut dahs)

Can I look at the menu please? – Ich hätte gerne die Speisekarte? (eesh heh-tuh gair-nuh dee spy-zuh-car-tun)
I am a vegetarian – Ich bin Vegetarier (eesh bin veh-ge-tah-ree-uh)
Without (eg. spaghetti without cheese) –ohne (au-nuh)
I would like... – Ich möchte... (eesh muh-sh-tuh...)
The bill, please – Zahlen, bitte (za-lun bee-tuh)
Do you accept credit cards? – Kann ich mit Kreditkarte Zahlen? (can eesh mit credit car-tuh za-lun)

Being able to recognise some common signs in German could also be very handy:

Open – Offen/Geöffnet
Closed – Geschlossen
Entrance – Eingang
Exit – Ausgang
Men – Herren
Women – Damen
Forbidden – Verboten

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