River cruises gaining global popularity

Alex Y. Vergara, writer for Inquirer Lifestyle, recently wrote an article about how river cruises in Europe are attracting visitors from all across the world, one of the more exotic areas being the Philippines. Despite having numerous beaches, tropical weather and fascinating culture surrounding the country, a river cruise in Europe is fast becoming their top luxury holiday option.

One renowned Filipino expert of the travel industry, Marilen Sandejas-Yaptangco, recently enjoyed a river cruise in northern Europe with her husband and eldest sons and described it as a "whole new way" of exploring Europe.

They enjoyed tours of a number of towns and cities, including Bruges, Antwerp and Middelburg, each offering something different from the other. The shore excursions were one of the highlights of the cruise, and Marilen Sandejas-Yaptangco praised the itinerary for being particularly diverse.

Image Credit: Irargerich (flickr.com)