Three of Germany's most fascinating cities

Below, there are some short summaries of three of the best, and why they should all be experienced.

Although very badly damaged in the bombings of World War II, the decades which have since passed have reinstated Cologne as among Europe's biggest and most vibrant centres. The faithful restoration of a large number of old buildings, as well as the construction of many eye-catching modern sites, makes the city unique in terms of its architectural landscape. Cologne is also known for its buzzing cultural makeup, which includes literally hundreds of art galleries and dozens of museums.

Like Cologne, Dusseldorf is situated on the banks of the river Rhine, and is recognised as an influential fashion hotspot. Despite being a busy and exciting metropolis, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia is also renowned as having some particularly beautiful parks and gardens, such as the extensive yet tranquil Dusseldorf Botanical Gardens. There are many other highlights acting as reasons to visit the city, all of which contributed towards it being named in a prominent quality of life survey as the sixth best to live in the world.

Less well known but fully deserving of its prestigious status as an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg is a friendly, relaxing and charming location, and is something of a hidden gem in terms of being a top quality German holiday destination. Connoisseurs of fine beverages will no doubt be eager to sample Bamberg's famous smoked beers upon arrival, with these traditionally made drinks regarded as the finest of their kind anywhere, having been produced in this way at two of the city's 'brewpubs' for hundreds of years.

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