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Travel experts list top summer holiday destinations

Some experts from the travel industry were asked by The Guardian to reveal their best travel ideas for this summer and also what was on their own list for this year's great escape. David Mantero, senior buyer for Stanfords travel bookshop, reported that he has seen a surge in interest for travelling to Amsterdam. The city is celebrating a number of anniversaries this year, including the 400th anniversary of the canal ring, and the range of summer festivals makes it a popular travel choice for 2013.

Alison Couper, director of communication at, has highlighted Bulgaria and Germany as "lesser-known summer destinations" which she can highly recommend for 2013, both of which can be discovered on river cruises in Europe. Bob Atkinson, travel expert for, recommended Spain for a cheap holiday, but said that for his own summer travels he will be making a number of short trips to cities in Europe, including Budapest, Moscow and Cologne.

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