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Nazi heritage site in Nuremberg to be renovated

The 11km² site was used as the backdrop for Hitler propaganda film 'Triumph of the Will' and is recognisable for its 24 towers and 'Zeppelin Tribune', where Hitler stood and looked out upon the ranks of Nazi supporters. The site is currently visited by over 200,000 people every year and has begun to fall into disrepair, leading officials in Nuremberg to announce they will spend up to £60 million renovating the site.

Although the renovation project has been controversial, the Nazi heritage site is a reminder of the atrocities that occurred during the Second World War, which has seen it become a popular and thought-provoking attraction for those visiting the city on a river cruise. Ulrich Maly, the mayor of Nuremberg, says that the renovation "does not mean that we are sprucing it up" and revealed that they will be making the structures secure and will leave items such as the graffiti of Allied soldiers intact.