Mayor seeks to finish Bucharest-Danube canal

The creation of a canal between Bucharest and the River Danube has been dreamt of for over 100 years, with the earliest plans for it emerging in 1880. Engineer Nicolae Cucu’s plans were given the go-ahead and a number of laws were put in place to allow for its construction, but the recession of the 1930s and two world wars put the plans on hold and today it still remains unfinished.


According to the Romanian news agency ActMedia, Oprescu told those who attended the ‘Building the Urban Future of the Danube Region’ conference in Vienna that completing the canal is “essential for the development not only of Bucharest, but of the entire region”, linking Bucharest to other capitals and important urban centres that lie along the River Danube. He hopes that completion of the canal would be a boost for both trade and tourism, with the canal providing direct access to Vienna, Budapest and the Constanta Port in eastern Romania.


Oprescu went on to say that he believes the canal project to be the only answer to the ongoing issue of “economic and social gaps along the Danube’s journey from Germany till it reaches the Black Sea”, reducing, if not eliminating, the problems completely.


A river cruise with Scenic Tours that visits Bucharest currently involves travelling over land for a two-night stay at the Marriott Bucharest, but a canal linking the Danube River with the Romanian capital would mean that our ships could potentially cruise there instead. With support from others in the Danube region, the Bucharest-Danube canal could finally become a reality in the near future, making a river cruise to Bucharest a real possibility.


Click on the link below to read more about plans for the canal, as reported by ActMedia.


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