Renovation of Rijksmuseum inspires documentary

‘The New Rijksmuseum’ is a documentary that explores the successes and difficulties of the Rijksmuseum’s 10-year refurbishment. The documentary is aimed at architects and designers who would be more than happy to watch the film in full, which is almost four hours long, but Hohenadel thought that it was fascinating viewing for anyone interested in what is one of Amsterdam’s greatest museums.

The refurbishment was expected to take four years but lasted almost 10 years, and Oeke Hoogendijk, director of ‘The New Rijksmuseum’, filmed the renovation from start to finish. In the four-hour documentary the audience is shown how the plans for the renovation faced setbacks and difficulties that made it last over twice as long and become much more expensive than originally planned. Despite this, however, the result has been a fresh, inviting and world-class museum.

Some of the major setbacks involved the architects that were brought in especially to renovate the Rijksmuseum. The redesigned entrance by Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz was scrapped after cyclists complained that it reduced their access, and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, renowned for his work on the Louvre, had to change his choice of wall colour in line with the museum director’s wishes.

The number of people who have now visited the Rijksmuseum since the completion of the refurbishment in April 2013 has now reached two million, with many more expected to visit in its opening year whilst enjoying luxury river cruising. Whilst the renovation has undoubtedly taken a great deal of time and looks different to the original plans, the work has been well worth it according to critics and visitors, who have descended on the museum in huge numbers since spring.

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