Hot weather set to continue across Australia

This, of course, is perfect for travellers who are currently enjoying or plan to set off soon on their Australia tours in 2014 to top up their tans, but the tennis players who are playing in the Australian Open in Melbourne at the moment will probably not agree.


Forecasters believe that the extremely hot weather which is being experienced in South Australia, Victoria and southern New South Wales at the moment will spread nationwide over the coming weeks.


Adelaide reached a sizzling 45.1 degrees Celsius recently, the fourth-hottest temperature ever recorded in the city, which was well above the original estimate of the top temperature reaching 42 degrees.


The Australian weather bureau is now expecting maximum temperatures to reach 46 degrees Celsius over the rest of the week in Adelaide, while the town of Keith is in line to experience heat of up to 47.2 degrees. Other popular destinations such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney will also see some extremely hot conditions.


These high temperatures come after what was seen by many as something of a mild summer in Australia, but now beaches across the whole of the country are expected to be jam-packed as swimmers and sunbathers look to make the most of the heat.


Why so hot so suddenly?


Weather experts believe that a tropical low which has been experienced in the north of Western Australia has affected the temperatures in the south east, with the heat waves in Victoria being linked to a slow-moving high pressure system that has lingered over the Tasman Sea.


These developments have meant that Australia is currently enjoying a prolonged period of heat – temperatures which are perfect for those lucky enough to be travelling around the country, as long as they have access to plenty of shade!


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