Plans revealed for super train in Washington

Japan’s government has said it will give the US government half of the money needed to build a new high-speed super train which would reduce the time of travel between Baltimore and Washington to an incredible 15 minutes.

Washington being a popular destination for travellers on escorted tours in the USA is one of the major reasons why the Japanese government is desperate to help America build this new £5 billion train, as the country looks to showcase its latest technology.

It is believed that the American federal government and state authorities are enthusiastic about the idea of this new train. A member of the Central Japan Railway Company, which is behind the idea, said, "The national government has shown interest.

“But a number of the states in the north-east corridor — such as Maryland — are particularly keen for faster rail links and more advanced technology.”

New train to reach speeds of over 300 mph

Currently, the 37-mile long trip from Washington to Baltimore takes around an hour via train, but the Japanese firm behind the idea are looking to implement their high-speed route to showcase to the world that it has the transportation technology of the future.

It is hoped that eventually the new railway will be extended to become a 453-mile track linking Washington DC with Boston.

The Maglev high-speed train is already in operation in certain parts of the world and reaches speeds of 267 mph. The new Super-Maglev train which is being put forward to be integrated into the Washington transport network, however, would reach speeds of over 310 mph.

The latest version of the Maglev train is 92-feet long; the train that is being planned for the new Washington railway would carry 1,000 passengers at a time and could be a part of the next generation of tours in America.

The planned Maglev train, if agreed to, will be in operation in the US within the next decade.

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