Melbourne’s White Night festival a success

An estimated 550,000 people on Australia tour packages as well as Melburnians are believed to have celebrated the White Night festival, which is an all-night festival of light, performance and public projections.

The festival, which started at 7pm and went on until 7am on 22nd and 23rd February, has been hailed as a huge success by organisers, who this year made the festival the biggest on record.

Projections, musical performances and more

The festival had large, rotating projections of local Melburnians on buildings such as the National Gallery of Victoria, whilst the State Library in Melbourne and Flinders Street Station both featured colourful projections.

There were musical performances at Melbourne’s Federation Square and Bourke Street Mall, and the Gallery of Victoria also put on still-life drawing sessions for visitors to participate in.

In total there were around 100 performances that visitors could enjoy and one of the headline events was a performance by a group of synchronised swimmers who performed at the Melbourne City Baths.

Andrew Walsh, one of the festival’s organisers, said, “We wanted a chilled event with people being nice to each other and that’s pretty much what we got.

“The synchronised swimming was very popular, probably because it was silly – why would you normally watch synchronised swimming at 3am?”

It has been confirmed that all the hotels located in the centre of Melbourne were completely booked up on the night of the festival.

The White Night festival is held in 25 cities around the world and organisers have already suggested that they are hoping to expand the outreach of the festival even further next year.

To take a look at the pictures from the recent White Night festival or to find out more information about the festival’s future plans, click here.

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