Surveys reveal San Fran as most charming US city

One survey asked 1,200 Canadians, while the other study asked 1,200 Americans, which cities they wanted to visit most ahead of Valentine’s Day.

As a result, San Francisco, a popular stop-off for visitors on guided USA tours, has now been named as the most charming city out of all American destinations after edging out New Orleans.

San Francisco has an array of attractions for visitors such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and its cable car system, which added to the city’s charm, but it was its aesthetic appeal, charisma and easy going persona that made it come out on top of the pile.

Praise for Paris

Another major trend that the US survey revealed was that the majority of respondents would like to settle down in either San Diego, Denver or Seattle. These three US cities came in just ahead of the pack, although the margin was very tight.

The questionnaire also asked US residents which city was the hardest to ‘break up with’ and Las Vegas was voted the hardest to leave in the US. Vegas was closely followed by San Francisco, New York and Denver.

In the Canadian version of the study, it was revealed that Montreal is the most charming city in Canada and was praised for its cuisine, distinctive culture and residents’ accents, as well as for being a “pocket of European life in North America”.

Montreal, like US cities such as San Francisco, New York and Washington DC, is also an extremely popular area to visit for people travelling in North America.

The Cities We Love study also announced that in Europe, Canadians are in love with Paris, as the French capital was voted the hardest city to leave.

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