10 Melbourne railway stations to receive facelift

The local government in Australia has picked out 10 Melbourne railway stations that will get a facelift in a new scheme released recently.

The redevelopments of the stations are aimed to look better for people on Australia train tours and to create more jobs around Melbourne.

The new project is aimed to generate $1 billion AUS and to create around 3,000 jobs across the city over the next five years.

Apartments, shops, offices

As part of the proposals the 10 redeveloped train stations will have a range of new apartments, shops and offices built. These works are already underway at some of Melbourne’s stations such as Jewell, Hampton and Alphington.

The other stations that are set to be redesigned and redeveloped are: Essendon, Windsor, West Footscray, Victoria Park, East Richmond, Ringwood and Watsonia.

All of the aforementioned stations were chosen as they have derelict land owned by VicTrack - a government corporation.

The plans have not revealed which shops and businesses will have premises at the stations, but locals and holidaymakers alike can certainly expect these train stations to be more user-friendly and pleasant than the existing ones.

Australian politician, Denis Napthine, said when announcing the project, “(It is) about taking advantage of underutilised government land and using the private sector, in partnership with government, to turn that land into a valuable asset for the community.”

During the announcement artist’s impressions of the plans were revealed and a shortlist for companies to redevelop the Jewell train station in Melbourne, which is set to be the first of the 10 stations to have work done to it, was released.

This latest travel news follows on from Premier Denis Napthine last month announcing that Melbourne is set to build a new Metro line linking its airport to the city centre within the next decade.


Image Credit: Michael de`Oz (flickr.com)