3D canal house to be built in Amsterdam

A group of Dutch architects have just started 3D printing an entire canal house that would lie on the bank of one of Amsterdam’s canals.

Dutch firm DUS Architects came up with this elaborate plan and the firm has already built a giant 3D printer which is currently printing plastic furniture and walls to go into an empty canal-side lot in northern Amsterdam.

Once completed, the building could be used by visitors majestic river cruises in Europe are planning routes that will go past the new canal house.

Eventually city officials are hoping that the 3D printed canal house will be as big an attraction as the likes of the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum.

The 3D Print Canal House is being built in the public eye and the general public can buy tickets to get an up-close look at the site and the work being done. To buy tickets, which cost €2.50, you can visit the 3D Print Canal House website.


Image Credit: Thomas Rousing (flickr.com)