Record-breaking Melbourne Moomba Festival

The Moomba Festival, which is a parade that marks the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1954, took place from 7th-10th March and this year’s parade marked its 60th anniversary.

Popular Australia tours often stop off in Melbourne and travellers who were in the city over the weekend were lucky enough to see the iconic Moomba Festival.

A record Moomba Festival

This year’s Moomba Festival saw a record number of performers march as part of the parade.

An estimated 2,000 dancers, musicians, gymnasts and martial artists all performed in the parade, while thousands of onlookers lined Melbourne’s streets.

The parade also featured seven floats and one of them - a rotating, diamond-shaped float - carried this year’s Moomba king and queen.

This year’s Moomba King, Bert Newton, told a local media outlet, “It is terrific to see a crowd that is...out to do something that they enjoy so much.”

The other floats that participated in the procession included a party DJ box, a music machine, a 60th anniversary celebration cake, a giant jester, an incarnation of the Spirit of Moomba and a float that was designed by a five-year-old girl who was inspired by the 2013 Moomba Festival.

Early estimations have stated that approximately 100,000 people attended the record-breaking Moomba Festival over the weekend.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor added, ‘‘Moomba is still the biggest community festival in Australia and people love a parade in Melbourne.”

The Moomba Festival had a range of other events and activities taking place over the weekend, including a wakeboarding championship, live music, a kid’s zone that featured a circus, a skate park and a birdman rally, which saw a number of participants make home-made flying contraptions in a bid to fly the furthest.

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