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What to see and do in Paris this summer

So if you are heading on any enriching French river cruises this summer that drop anchor in Paris then below is a guide of the must-visit places in the capital.

Jardin du Luxembourg

If it is beautiful parks and gardens that you are looking to stroll through while in Paris then the Jardin du Luxembourg is the perfect place for you and your partner.

The garden is split into two different styles with one side offering visitors a French style garden with its trimmed avenues, statues and gravel paths and the other an English style garden with its perfectly trimmed rolling lawns.

Canal St-Martin

This part of Paris is perfect for a picturesque walk as the Canal St-Martin offers visitors the opportunity to walk over green metal footbridges and quaysides that are lined with trees and shrubs.

Visitors who are in the city on five-star river cruises can also take boat trips down the river to see the stunning surrounding scenery.

Martial Raysse

Attending an art exhibition in Paris is a must during your visit and you will be fortunate enough to see the Martial Raysse exhibition from May 14th-September 22nd this summer.

Over 200 paintings, sculptures and films that show-off Martial Raysse’s skills will be on show at the Pompidou Centre.

The exhibition will also give visitors an insight into how the artist worked and his story to becoming one of the leading figures in the French version of Pop Art.

Paris Jazz Festival

From June 7th to July 27th there will be open-air jazz and blues concerts held at the Parc Floral every weekend.

An added bonus is the fact that the festival will be free to attend, although this is expected to mean that the festival will be jam-packed with local Parisians as well as other holidaymakers.

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