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Ancient Bucharest buildings undergo restoration work

The project has seen “khans”, which in the 18th and 19th centuries were used as roadside inns and meeting places for merchants across the East and West of Europe, be redeveloped and renovated over the last few years.

The oriental-looking khans in the centre of Bucharest had been neglected by authorities for years before the recent renovation work took place.

Now these khans are attracting trendy holidaymakers who are on five-star river cruises and city breaks – a world away from what they used to be used for.

Architectural gems saved

Many people in Bucharest are delighted that these fortified khans have been saved by the renovation projects as they have been described as “architectural gems”.

Most of these khans have battled against neglect and the Manuc’s khan, which is regarded as one of the most picturesque and ancient buildings in Bucharest, was one that was feared would fall down.

Dimitrios Rutis, an engineer working on the Manuc’s khan, said, "This is a unique place, with many interesting features."

Now most of the renovated khans have been developed to include cafes, shops and art centres, and as a result have been attracting hundreds of visitors.

This trend is set to continue with tourism bosses in the Romanian capital expecting people heading to the city on European river cruises in 2014 to visit a khan at some point during their breakaway.

In total, the redevelopment of khans across Bucharest has cost around €7 million since 2012, which has been funded by the Romanian public and via various European grants.

Local architect Mihai Antoniu also revealed that the renovation projects will be great for the city’s local residents as well as people visiting the city, as Bucharest will be saving some of its history whilst also renovating what were rundown buildings.

The architect added, “And projects like this will help Bucharest recover its former grandeur."

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