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Toy exhibition opens in Sydney

Enter a world of nostalgia with a new toy exhibition that has opened at the Sydney Living Museum in Australia.

Toys Through Time is a collection of more than 200 original toys and treasures, which depict the history of playtime in Sydney over generations. From discovering the stories of the city’s manufacturers to encouraging visitors to enjoy a trip down memory lane, the exhibition will appeal to all ages with fantastic exhibits from historic houses and private collections.

The collection includes toys from the city’s earliest colonial days, right up until the 1970s, with items in the collection ranging from a pedal pony to teddy bears and train sets. There are also archives at the museum showing newspapers advertising trunks of toys arriving in Sydney Harbour, proving that even during the city’s time as a convict colony, children of wealth still existed.

Reminisce the past with this fun exhibition

One of the most spectacular set of items includes Barbie dolls from the early sixties, alongside a wardrobe and variety of outfits for the dolls, which are sure to captivate many world premier LEGO exhibition, which consists of a collection of reconstructed landmark buildings, with the Toys Through Time available to visit until 9th August.

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Dominic Keely
Dominic Keely
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