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Which Australian city are you?


Australia is such a vast country that is full of so many amazing cities that it can often be difficult to choose which city you should visit and which one you would enjoy the most.

From Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane to Perth, Australian cities are completely different from one another and if you are looking to go on tours of Australia in the future, then you should read on to find out which city would suit you the best.

Which city suits you?

We will start with the most important question: which Australian city suits you the most? If you have never been to Australia before then you will not really know, but by taking part in our quiz you will be able to find out which city would be perfect for you to visit and then you can read on to see what some of the locals say below.



Sydney Opera House

Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities, and is arguably the country’s most famous. Debbie Carr, who writes on her Sydney Chic blog says, “Sydney is a sophisticated city and style is highly regarded.”


Sydney oysters

Sydney is renowned for its gastronomy and especially its seafood such as barramundi, lobsters, oysters, crabs, spider crabs, shrimps and yabbies’- something similar to lobster.

The Sydney Chic blogger adds, “Sydney is also a multi-cultural city with a great night life and restaurants that feature cuisine from all over the world.”


Bondi Beach

The Sydney Chic blogger also says that in terms of attractions, the iconic Harbour Bridge is one of the best and that for people who are brave enough, they should climb to the top of the bridge and down again. Taroonga Zoo is also worth a visit as not only does it house a range of different animals, but it overlooks the picturesque Sydney Harbour and the city landscape.

Maadhi Ramanayake, author of My Pretty Sydney, says that the most important things to highlight to a visitor are the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, the beaches, the great coffee and the delicious food.

Maadhi Ramanayake also reveals that activities such as catching a ferry to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay and visiting Balmoral Beach, Sydney Fish Markets and Bondi Beach are all other great things to do.

The Rocks is also one of Sydney’s most attractive tourist destinations as it is full of history, art, food and shopping outlets and last but certainly not least; the Sydney Opera House is a major attraction in the city.


In an article about Sydney Maadhi of My Pretty Sydney says, “Overall, I think fashion in Sydney is a bit more laid back and “beachy” compared to fashion in Melbourne, which can be more formal and classy.”



Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is a modern city set beside the Brisbane River which has become a hugely popular destination amongst travellers.

Brisbane on average gets 260 days of sunshine every year and it is very much an outdoor city with locals walking, cycling and running around the Brisbane River at all hours of the day. In recent years, Brisbane has developed a real taste for the ‘foodie’ scene and the city’s local café/restaurants are as diverse and delicious as it comes!


Avocado on toast

Brisbane-based Kirsten & Birgit are the creative minds behind the blog Sunshine and ginand according to them when it comes to food, no matter what time of year it is the Brisbanite’s breakfast of choice will pretty much always be avocado on toast, while for lunch they love a good burger.

They add, “We love our local seafood – prawns from Mooloolaba, scallops from Hervey Bay and our very special Moreton Bay Bug (only found in our hometown), are all must try’s!”


Brisbane city skyline from Mount Cootha

The Sunshine and Gin bloggers came up with a top five list of things to do when in Brisbane, which includes visiting the markets of Eat Street Markets or Boundary St Markets; visiting Southbank, going to the Mount Cootha Lookout, cuddling a Koala at Lone Pine Sanctuary and cycling around Brisbane and its central business district area.


When it comes to fashion Kirsten & Birgit say, “The further north you go in Australia – the friendlier and more relaxed the locals get and this also applies to fashion. We dress for the weather and it’s not uncommon to see people sporting board shorts and thongs (foot-flops) year round.”




The coastal capital of Victoria is stylish and is renowned for being both dynamic and arty, which is one of the reasons why it is Australia’s cultural capital.

Melbourne boasts stunning architecture, a range of top museums and is also famed for its love of sport as the city plays host to the Australian Open, Formula One racing and a number of top cricket matches at its MCG stadium.

Sharon Gourlay, who has lived in Melbourne since 2000, runs the blog Where’s Sharon and she recently wrote a blog about things to do in Melbourne, which is certainly worth a read.

Sharon adds, “There is always something going on and there are so many different things to experience.

Melbourne is known for being sports crazy, its culture, its food and its shopping. You should try all four when you visit! Head to an Australian rules football match at the G (Melbourne Cricket Ground), try all the different foods, visit a cultural festival and do some shopping.”



Melbourne has a burgeoning food scene and is home to a number of iconic dishes and other meals from across the globe.

Popular dishes with Melburnians include Anchovy with smoked tomato sorbet, Pork hock and Peking duck.


There are a range of attractions in Melbourne, but the city centre is arguably the biggest drawer for holidaymakers as its spectacular skyline is jaw-dropping.

Other popular attractions include the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Zoo, Queen Victoria Market and the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Melbourne is regarded as the fashion capital of Australia, where designer labels, flagship fashion stores and independent boutiques offer shoppers a variety of choices.




Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is a laid-back city that boasts great weather and beautiful beaches. The city offers easy access to Bali and its relaxed atmosphere is quite similar to that of the paradise island.


In Perth you are spoilt for choice when it comes to food, which should come as no surprise as Western Australia produces a profusion of fresh, local flavours and succulent seafood, as well as the region being renowned for producing wine.

In fact Perth has more restaurants per capita than any other capital city in Australia and the bar scene in the city is just as impressive as its food too.


Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner city parks that visitors to Perth just have to visit.

Other great attractions in the city include the Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth Zoo and the Western Australia Museum.


Every year Perth holds a fashion festival, The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, and although fashion may be more relaxed than in the likes of Melbourne, locals still take their fashion seriously.


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