Uncover Australia’s Authentic Indigenous Experiences

Long before Bondi Beach and barbecues came to epitomise Australia’s tourism industry, the country was celebrated for its indigenous culture and all of the colourful, enriching experiences it affords. Sadly, indigenous tourism in Australia has been in steady decline over the past century, with authentic activities seemingly perceived as being too hot, dry and dusty to be undertaken by all but the most hardened backpackers. 

Now however, a growing interest in Australia’s indigenous experiences is prompting more and more visitors to step off the well-worn tourist trail to confront the vibrant underbelly of the country’s Aboriginal culture. Set away from the commonplace destinations that flank the country’s coast, a world of exceptional vistas, exquisite natural beauty and authentic, visceral experiences awaits those wise enough to delve into the country’s palpable indigenous heritage. 

As part of their most recent campaign to highlight the incredible wealth of experiences available to those visiting Australia, our friends at Tourism Australia have created a stunning film which highlights the deep connection Australia’s Aboriginal People have to the natural world; an ancient connection they’re all too happy to share with the wider world. This wonderful short film can be enjoyed on Tourism Australia’s Indigenous Experiences campaign page, here

For those intent on encountering authentic cultural experiences on their next sojourn down under, a luxury Escorted Tour from Scenic is sure to prove an enriching and stimulating experience. Our handpicked tours feature a handful of exceptional excursions and activities that allow you to unearth genuine indigenous events across the country — from experiencing the primal beauty of the mighty outback to learning about the vibrant culture of the Aboriginal People through our enlightening Freechoice option. 

Here, we take an in-depth look at just one of the indigenous experiences available to you as a Scenic Escorted Tours passenger. 

A Journey Into Dreamtime 

Available on selected tour routes which pass through the glittering metropolis of Sydney, the Dreamtime Freechoice option offers a glimpse into the mystical and enchanting world of Dreamtime — an ancient component of Aboriginal mythology. 

Based on the spirit or entity of the Aranda People (the custodians of Australia’s Arrernte Lands), Dreamtime features ornate artworks pertaining to the cultural heroes of Aboriginal culture; travellers who walked the Outback creating sacred sites in their wake. 
Choose the Dreamtime Freechoice excursion during your Scenic Escorted Tour, and you’ll be given exclusive access to a number of sacred sites where you can look upon pristine examples of authentic Dreamtime artwork — the perfect way to unearth this fascinating culture first-hand. 

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